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I was born into a so called „animal crazy” family. We kept all kinds of them: rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots, my dad even had horses. My love for animals has influenced my life from the very beginning, which was the reason I chose to major in animal healthcare later. Although my studies mainly involved handling livestock, I thought the acquired knowledge would help me manage dogs, too, as well as serve as a great stepping stone on my way to become a veterinarian. A veterinarian - that was my original goal in life, but after a failed attempt at taking a preliminary exam for university I gave up on the idea, and I became an animal husbandry engineer in the end.


The first dog in our family was a white puli, then we had a golden retriever mix. I started to become interested in collies after reading Lassie Come Home by Eric Knight. I was fond of the story, knew each word of it by heart, and of course, in the meantime I was longing for a dog of my own. In addition, later I could get in personal contact with this breed when a pretty dark sable collie boy called Kanberki Rosszcsont Ali moved in the neighbourhood. We made friends with his owners, often met, talked about the breed. I tried to soak in as much as it was possible about collies. I bought and read books, magazines, started to attend dog shows, just to look around without any dogs. I watched the breeders, studied the pedigrees, so I showed an interest in anything and everything in connection with collies. Finally, after a long pray, I got my first collie, named Sandy (Alsóuti Jenny). I was fourteen at the time. My younger sister Magdi was my mate in everything, helped a lot and she has been doing it to this very day, although she has not got a dog herself. What is more originally Sandy was hers, but life changed, and Sandy became mine. This dog-project has been supported by my family as well.


Sandy’s arrival had some unexpected elements. I have known Ali, the dark sable male from long before, and I fell in love with the coloration of his fur. I decided that was the variation I also wanted. So, I went and flipped through the book written by János Szinák and István Veress, the „Kutyakalauz” (lit. Encyclopaedia of Dog Breeds), looking for the exact name of it. I did find a beautiful collie with the same colour as Ali, labelled as a „tricolor” pattern. That is why I started searching for a tricolor collie. The breeder of the Alsóuti kennel has been regularly advertising in canine magazines, and I saw they had an available tricolor bitch for sale. I was certain about getting a bitch, because I was planning to take her to shows and breed her later on.  I started exchanging mails with András Varga, the breeder of the kennel, on paper, the good old traditional way, since there weren’t any other options back then. In his letters, he went on about how perfect and practically flawless the pup was, and that he would especially recommend her for shows and breeding, which further fuelled my enthusiasm.  He even offered to drive the dog to us, since he had business around the area. When Sandy arrived, we were met with the sudden realization that the colour of her coat was not exactly what we had in mind. Sandy stayed nevertheless, and we did not regret our decision for a moment. She was a dog with great personality, exceptionally adaptive. Since we did not own a car, we took her on bus rides a lot, heading to dog shows and trainings, we even brought her along hiking. She came with us everywhere.


Letter from Sandy's breeder

Sandy tkv.jpg

Sandy's original pedigree

Sandy won two Very Good titles, but they were valued differently, considering the number of the entries and who the opponents were those days. Her first show was a Budapest CACIB on 27-28 Apr 1991. 98 collies were nominated. Everybody turned up who counted, the cream was there: the most famous dogs, the greatest breeders, many of whom I adored. All these made me feel uncomfortable, anxious and a bit embarrassed, while I was amazed by the whole atmosphere. I met tons of breeders and talked to them. I got black and white words as well, I had mixed experiences. Nevertheless, I was sure nothing could stop me from now on. Judit Papp (Silver Dream Kennel) was the first among the breeders who showed open kindness and helpfulness. She really helped a lot with the first steps. Later on, Péter and Ildikó Muzslai (Double Scotch Kennel) supported me in the same way.


When I finally decided to try my hand at breeding collies, I needed a name for the kennel. We ended up choosing it together with my sister. We wanted something elegant and sublime, something that fit the breed. We wrote down some ideas, and in the end decided to go with the name „Prince of Sunlight”. In hindsight, I regret a little that it is such a long name, if I had to come up with something right now, I would choose something shorter and more practical. I still like it, though, it has a nice ring to it.


Sandy had three litters in her life.


Litter "A"


Ch. Silver Dream Black Ebony Eyes was the father. Eight tricolor puppies were born on 17 Jun 1992. Great preparations had been done beforehand. We had been looking forward to the birth of the puppies. I tried to make use of everything I had learned at school, as it was my first dog-birth I had ever seen in my life. It was exciting and interesting on the whole. Fortunately, Sandy was very clever, we could hardly help with anything, there was not any problem, everything was running smoothly. She had great instincts. It was so amazing to see the babies growing, I really got to like them. It was very difficult to give them away. (In fact, it is hard even today. These feelings are believed to disappear with time, but they do not. It would not serve me good. If they vanished the motivation would disappear, too.) A friend of mine was given one of the females, Arielle (Prince of Sunlight Agame Arielle), but eventually she got back to me after finding her in the yard with a broken leg. We took Arielle to dog shows, too, once she even got a CAC title from the English judge Doreen Clarke (Lynway Kennel).

Silver Dream Black Ebony Eyes_edited.jpg

Me and my sister Magdi with the first litter

Arielle 2_edited.jpg
Ariellel buszon_edited.jpg

Hiking, dog show and bus ride with Arielle

Litter "B"


The second litter was born on 25 Nov 1993 with Ch. Silver Dream Fine Future in Black as father. She had five tricolor babies. One of the females, Prince of Sunlight Black-Band Brightness went to Timi Kakas, and she became the foundation bitch of Timi’s collie kennel (Lucky Luke).

Silver Dream Fine Futute in Black_edited
Prince of Sunlight Black-Bland Brightnes

Litter "C"


The third litter brought the success we had been expecting. Sandy gave birth to thirteen puppies on 7 Apr 1995. (That was the time I learned to feed them from baby-bottles.) The father was a blue merle male from a pure English bloodline, called Blueroyce Heroic Hamlet. That litter gave me Kyra (Prince of Sunlight Black Charm Ciwtiwa), my first champion dog. Prince of Sunlight Clear-Blue Cleopatra, from this same litter, went to the Lucky Luke Kennel with Timi Kakas.


Sandy retired after her third litter. She was with us for 14 and a half years. We only have good memories of her, she was an amazing dog, and she made me fell in love with the breed completely.

Blueroyce Heroic Hamlet.jpg
Ch POS Black Charm Ciwtiwa_edited.jpg
Prince of Sunlight Clear-Blue Cleopatra_
Prince of Sunlight Black Charm Ciwtiwa &

Prince of Sunlight Black Charm Ciwtiwa &  Clear-Blue Cleopatra


Prince of Sunlight Black Charm Ciwtiwa and Me in 1996

Black Charm Ciwtiwa_edited.jpg
Kyra HJCH.jpg
Kyra HCH.jpg

First junior and national adult champion certificates of the kennel and HJCh, HCH Prince of Sunlight Black Charm Ciwtiwa 

Ch.POS Black Charm Ciwtiwa_edited.jpg
Kyra VCH.jpg

 Veteran Ch. Prince of Sunlight Black Charm Ciwtiwa 



My sister Magdi and Honey

(Prince of Sunlight Black Hurrican)

as puppy in 1999

With Magdi and the dogs in the early 2000's


(Ch. Prince of Sunlight Black Hurrican) as adult with Me

Black Charm Ciwtiwa & Delightful Dark Do
Kriszta es Love at First

With sable litter

Prince of Sunlight Black Charm Ciwtiwa & Delightful Dark Dolly

Kriszta Kállay and

Ch. P.O.S. Love at First Sight

In the very beginning (and even since then) my biggest support has been my family, as well as the abovementioned collie breeders, Judit Papp, and Mr and Mrs Muzslai. I also learned a lot about handling dogs and breeding, vocation and devotion, and respect towards the breed through Andrea Spiriev (Fruit d’Amour – Mastino Napoletano Kennel) and Tibor Hámori (Luxatori – Hungarian Vizsla and Irish Setter Kennel). Then I started opening up to other young collie breeders, who I formed great bonds with, such as Kriszta Kállay (Most Majestic Kennel) and Melinda Maszárik (Country’s Dream Kennel). They were an inspiring and supporting medium, people that shared a lot with me, people that understood me the most. We even had a joint kennel with Kriszta, named Chris’n’Joe. Our foundation bitch, Maggie (Ch. Old Golden Gates Magnifica) came from Ukraine. This collaboration earned us five Chris’n’Joe litters in the second half of the 2000’s.

Old Golden Gates Magnifica2_edited.jpg
Old Golden Gates Magnifica_edited.jpg

Ch. Old Golden Gates Magnifica "Maggie"

Breeder: Mrs & Mr Tsvetskov  (Ukrajna)

co-owner: Kriszta Kállay, Most Majestic collies

Chris'n Joe Believe in Angels.jpg
Chris'n Joe Ash and Diamond-Rosschell_ed
Chris'n Joe Eurostar.jpg

After the starter-years I tried to look around abroad. I saw a copy of The International Collie Handbook at Judit and I subscribed for it myself, too. I did the same with another journal, Collie Season. In these magazines I found some contacts to a few breeders abroad and I tried to get in touch with them. I wrote letters to them. Some answered, others did not. Anyway, these magazines helped me a lot find the type I was looking for and liked. I was absolutely fond of Anne Hollywood’s dogs (Amelie Kennel, UK). That was the shape and expression I was searching. I was on the go studying the dogs’ pedigrees I fell for. I could gain a lot from them. I tried to work out how and who they were breeding with, mainly I was interested in the line breeding. I had two big collie-loves those days: Ch. Lynway Seldom Sober and his son Ch. Amalie Best Bitter. Thanks to Mr and Ms Muzslai I managed to build the line of those two males into my kennel, as they had litters from both dogs. I was able to mate my bitches with several sons of Amalie Best Bitter, he is in the line of almost all my dogs.

Lynway Seldom Sober.jpg
Amalie Best Bitter.jpg

Afterwards the dogs dominating my kennel are the following:


Double Scotch Black Enchanter.jpg
Double Scotch Gold Windstar_edited.jpg
Sea Dreamer's Desert Sky_edited.jpg
amalie mild winter.jpg

Ch. Double Scotch Black Enchanter

B.: Mr & Mrs Muzslai (HU)

Ch. Double Scotch Gold Windstar

B.: Mr & Mrs Muzslai (HU)

Ch. Sea Dreamer's Desert Sky

B.: Mr & Mrs Berghout (NL)

Ch. Amalie Mild Winter

B.: Mrs Anne Hollywood (UK)

I am highly proud of all the dogs originated from my kennel, whether it is a champion, a sports dog or a family-pet. I am the most proudful when I can breed happy and balanced dogs, which can make their families happy. That is why I find it very important to keep in close contact with the owners and set great value on it. Certainly, I am pleased with my professional achievements as well, mostly the ones I got in the home country of collies, in England. My first export to England was Prince of Sunlight Yours Truly to Jashika, followed by Prince of Sunlight Stardust, Prince of Sunlight Who's That Girl at Markenfield, Prince of Sunlight Naomi at Tremaro, Prince of Sunlight Think of Me at Gataj, Prince of Sunlight True Colors at Gataj and Prince of Sunlight Let Me Love You. I considered it an honour when Duncan (Prince of Sunlight Mr.Bombastic) could spend a year with Anne Hollywood at Amalie Kennel, and so did Jarod (Ch. Prince of Sunlight Zorion) with Barry Makepeace at Lynaire Kennel. During their stay both of them could produce offspring that went down in the English history of breeding collies.


Dreams of Woodland Who's That Girl 2_edi

Dreams of Woodland Who's That Girl "Liza"

Breeder: Ms Tina Salamonsen  (Denmark)


Jashika Truly Magical "Tyra"

Breeder: Ms Janice Bennet  (UK)


Prince of Sunlight Yours Truly to Jashik
Prince of Sunlight Who's that Girl at Ma
Prince of Sunlight Stardust
Prince of Sunlight Let Me Love You2.jpg
Prince of Sunlight Think of Me at Gataj_
Prince of Sunlight True Colors at Gataj_
Prince of Sunlight Naomi at Tremaro.jpg
top less elegantia1_edited.jpg

Top Less Elegantia "Ellie"

Breeder: Nataly Shmatko  (Ukraine)


Golden-Wreath Masterbreeder certificate


At the end of the 90’s, another breed has piqued my interest after the collies – the sheltie. Although there weren’t many of them at that time, I’ve seen some participating in shows and I really took a liking to them, especially a few from the Silver Dream and Malomvölgyi Parkerdősi kennels. Judit Papp has recommended me a sheltie litter, which was set up by mating one of her dogs – Ch. Brylin Perfect Finish. That is how I got Raisha (Glidy Shadow Black Amanda) in 1999, the dog I started my sheltie career with. Raisha grew up to be a particularly large bitch, so she wasn’t too successful in shows. But she had a great personality and was an exceptional female to breed in return. I had my first sheltie litter – 4 tricolor pups –on the 3 Sep 2000, the father being Ch. Navarino of Silver Shadow. Among them was a tricolor bitch named Prince of Sunlight Queen Amidala that later became part of an Italian kennel, Di Selvaspina. Her pups and their offspring achieved incredible success at shows. I would have loved to get a pup back from them, and I am still trying to get something back from the line.

Brylin Perfect Finish_edited.jpg
Glidy Shadow Black Amanda.jpg
Navarino Of Silver Shadow2.jpg
Ch Miracles Temple Lancelot at Prince of
Raisha kölyökként_edited.jpg
Ch.Bosom Buddy's Ice-Blue & POS Ice-Blue


(Glidy Shadow Black Amanda) as puppy

Ukrainian imported dog that had great show and breeding success

  European Junior Winner at Bratislava Euro Dog Show 2003

Ch. Miracle's Temple Lancelot At Prince Of Sunlight "Lance"

born: 14-07-2002

Breeder: Irina Medyakova (UA)


Fellow Summer Van Noels Cottage_edited.j

Fellow Summer

Van Noels Cottage

Dutch imported dog

Breeder: Joke Bloemhof

Int.Fin.H.Ro.CroCh Miracle's temple Lanc


Miracle's Temple Lancelot

at Prince of Sunlight

Ukrainian imported dog

Sunny Hill's Tiptop Tonight_edited.jpg

Sunny Hill's Tiptop Tonight /b.: 29-01-2009/

Swedish imported bitch

Sire: Shellrick's Magic Ash - Dam: Sunny Hill's Excellent Choice, Br.: Piia Gustvall


Fin.Ch. HCH

Bosom Buddy's Ice-Blue

Finnish imported dog

Breeder: Soile Parviainen 

I am convinced that beginners in breeding must go to a lot of scenes, must see as many things as possible to get a clear image of what they want. They should have a goal, should know where to go on. What types or features they want to highlight and keep in line. About 8-10 years are needed to have a complete image of the demands and expectations. And they should learn all the time. They need anatomy, ethology, studies on diseases and bloodlines and a plenty of connections with other breeders to improve. Discussions with other breeders are essential, one can get the most of these. On the other hand, I must emphasize that without appropriate conditions nobody should start collecting dogs carelessly. Here go some practical things such as a well-shaped area and helping hands. Because it can not be done alone, you must have some help. The breeder should be conscious and reasoned all the way. They should be aware that every dog can be used in some clever way. They should not concentrate on one certain idea but must find the golden easy middle. Otherwise many valuable dogs may disappear. But the most important is that the dogs will be happy and cheerful. This particular aim should never be forgotten. My current issue is to improve the actual health situation besides keeping my type and brushing the bloodline. These are extremely important. With the development of technology, we are provided by a wide range of possibilities. We must go while the going is good, we should not miss them out. There is always a line to improve and we must go on that line.


Without the help of my family the Prince of Sunlight Kennel would not exist. My little hobby has called for a lot of work, sacrifice and surrender from them. I would like to say thank you to them for their patience, I know, I am not an easy person to put up with.



Szalczinger József

Address: Felsőpáhok, Hungary - 8395


Phone: +36 30 991 2651

Translaion by Dudásné Sors Ildikó /Cabinet English/

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